Tier 2 (Day 15): Carrow Bridge

Discovered that I needed tinned tomatoes so headed round the corner to be met by a mature swan taking up the footpath on the lift bridge. A woman was speaking to someone about swan rescue, (I wondered whether she was onto HM The Queen, owner of all English swans, I think).

As I approached what initially looked like a large and bulky pillow it decided to stand up.”Oh it’s just got up!” she exclaimed to the person on other other end of her call. Seeing it to be a hefty specimen, I walked round on the roadside of the steel barrier.

Legend has it that a swan can break a man’s arm with one swipe of its wing. Maybe some fake news from Buck House to keep the subjects off swan pie, but I did not fancy testing that theory. Once when the boys were small there was a notorious swan that resided on a stretch of river by a popular footpath. It attacked a friend of ours when he was out with his children, but he only mentioned it after my wife and I had been chased, babes in arms past the slender bottle-neck between river bank and footpath. The creature came at us flapping, hissing and spitting. We did not want the boys to have cygnophobia hanging around their young necks like an albatross all their lives, so we scooped them up and ran past as smoothly as we could.

Things went a bit King Alfred with the tea cake baking today, but maybe I can use the charcoal remains to feed the river’s fowl inhabitants.

Norwich is pretty with all the Christmas lights. A Christmas fair has been set up in the castle gardens, but since a multi-million pound investment in walls and ornate metal gates no one knows it is on. Shame.

The Oxfam bookshop turned up trumps on the poetry collection front. Always worth a visit.

All other social contact today has been by electronic messaging of some form or other, bar a brief chat with my neighbours who were walking their hound. They have abandoned their home in the Canary Islands to be close to elderly relatives. A return to Spain is not currently part of their life plan. They are great conversationalists, but due to Covid-19 restrictions we have never had the pleasure of sitting down and really chewing the fat over a glass of something.


CLP 16/12/2020