Tier 2 (Day 18) Eaton

The acclaimed architecture of the University of East Anglia is not to everybody’s taste.

It comprises brutal concrete blocks dumped into a landscraped setting with a broad and a river. The open spaces around the hard-edges of the buildings are maintained by regular mowing to prevent the grounds from developing a more natural feeling. This is to keep the pathways safe for students, allow light onto the site and give a sense of space in contrast to the claustrophobic nuclear bunker feel of the facilities.

Everything about the layout can be explained in fine detail and at length, but I am one for meadows and design that reflects Nature’s curves and waves.

What UEA’s site does allow is easy access to the beauty of East Anglia’s sky. This cloud pattern has created the image of a red kite swooping. A friend sent me a photo from the RSPB when I asked if she could see a hawk in the above snapshot.

Later on my brisk walk back to the city centre, Saturn and Jupiter edged closer under the shadow of a perfect cradle moon, who stole the show on a perfectly clear night sky.

The moon and those two planets leave the stage quite early at the moment, so their absence and the lack of aircraft, make star gazing heavenly.


CLP 19/12/2020