Tier 2 (Day 19) UK

That resounding echoing you can hear is the slamming of doors in the Buffoon’s face. The UK cannot be trusted.

As an archipelago the UK had every natural defence needed to reduce the risk of mass infection from Covid-19. Basically, just pull up the drawbridge. What would have Italy given to be able to do this in February 2020?

Well here we are, now with all the natural disadvantages of an island because of the criminal incompetence of Her Majesty’s Government led by the Great Clown. All the nations of the Europe and many beyond have not hesitated to act decisively and cut the UK off as the plague village Johnson has unwittingly, but so effectively created.

The Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland will be able to work together in their mutual best interests with the EU because they have the insulating properties of the Irish Sea to protect themselves from Britannia.

Scotland must be wondering if Hadrian’s Wall might be worth repointing. I would.

2020 is 1665 – The Director’s Cut.


CLP 20/12/2020


  1. Ben Kohns says:

    “Scotland must be wondering if Hadrian’s Wall might be worth repointing. I would.” Brilliant.

    1. Ben, Glad you like that! If you ever get a chance to walk on that wall don’t miss it. Truly one of the wonders of the world.

      1. Ben Kohns says:

        So much of the world I want to see.

      2. I have to get to see the mesas in Utah…one day 🤞

      3. Ben Kohns says:

        When you get to Utah, DO NOT miss Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon. They are my favorites in the US.

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