Tier 2 (Day 20): All Saints Green

On All Saints Green the broad paving slabs, benches and raised garden beds provide a pleasant environment to pause on warm and bright days.

A large tree in the churchyard of the de-consecrated All Saints church is draped by strings of white lights. The curves of the pathways from Ber Street and the gentle slope of Westlegate make this space an attractive thoroughfare to amble through. The old church has not been over-powered by more modern developments, even if it is itself a centre for antique dealers to trade their finds from a hotchpotch of cabinets and bookshelves. In short, the paved over green has a satisfactory human-scale to its development.

However, today is not a bright day, (the Darkest Day, the Shortest Day, the Winter Solstice) and although unseasonably warm, it was damp. No one is sitting around as it’s the Monday before Christmas 2020; there is not time to stand about chatting.

I was hoping to be able to see the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn this evening, but will have to be satisfied with the glimpse I had on early Saturday evening, as today has been totally overcast. Oh well, there’s always next time…2nd November 2040.


CLP 21/12/2020