On Numbers (B117)


Jabs then evidence of such:

Identity cards


n.b. A new number to learn. The coronavirus variant ID for the ‘English Virus’ as some might label it, is B117.

Sick Man of Europe, (no longer of EU), will need to be able to verify clean bill of health before being allowed to stand in the street, (or possibly the garden) to stare through the window to watch the party. England: out in the cold.

The Tory government focus on Brexit has blinded government to care of its people. Tens of thousands dead. How does 45% of a vote lead to an 80 seat majority in Westminster?

The “Oven Ready Brexit” of the Great Clown is fast becoming Head in the Oven Brexit.

People who live on islands, need to be able to grow their own food and get on well with their neighbours. Fact.


CLP 22/12/2020