Tier 4 (Day 1) UEA

Plans to walk around the broad in the university grounds are frustrated by the River Yare’s undisciplined approach to boundaries. With its banks burst there is chaotic flooding. Whichever turn is taken leads to more muddy torrents. The low lying land around Norwich is rapidly being submerged.

Retracing steps back to the city we pass a fire crew preparing to take to the water. There is just the one tender and its trailer carrying an inflatable dinghy. Two of the crew are pulling on waterproofs, possibly wetsuits. A couple of police cars are on site too. There seems no great rush. A retrieval rather than a search, I suspect.

Back in town, two police forensic investigation vans have been parked by the flats on Music House Lane for much of the day. Police officers have been making enquiries at flats adjacent to the property under examination.

Christmas or not, there is still work to do.

Norwich is now in Tier 4, there is to be no household mixing and only two people may meet outside. People living in Tier 4 should stay at home unless buying essential products, or exercising. It is suggested that this state of affairs might persist until April.

The infection rate is soaring. Several football fixtures were cancelled today due to Covid-19 infections amongst the players.

Storm Bella is making its way across the land. Flood waters will continue to rise.


CLP 26/12/2020