Tier 4 (Day 3): The City Walls

The Moon is close to full and tides are high, rain has been heavy and floods are rising. I work indoors for most of the day, but lose concentration by about four o’clock in the afternoon. I have to get outside, despite the falling temperatures.

I take an erratic course with my friend who is taking another course and I listen to her account of driving through floods, her time with her daughter on Christmas Day, before her return trip and then immediate return to Norwich via motorways. She is making good progress with her writing project and after initial challenges seems to have established her unique voice amongst the non-fiction clutter of biographers and familiar historians, who seemed so self-confident in September when she was finding her literary feet.

We stroll under the orange street lights past the cathedral down to the river, which has restricted access to the river bank. Public rights of way are inhibited by the cathedral school grounds and other permissive paths being gated and locked, even at this early hour.

I walk back to my apartment and settle into some reading. I talk to a friend until a ridiculous hour on the phone and then sleep. What day was it? Monday?

My sense of smell is still operational as I can smell chlorine in the cold tap water. Don’t tell me otherwise. The water does not smell clean here, just treated. It tastes quite dreadful. It is not chalk filtered water from the South Downs.


CLP 28/12/2020