Tier 4 (Day 6) Chapelfield Gardens

I rather fancied a day in bed for no particular reason other than it was warm and cosy in DuvetWorld, but then I remembered I had promised to deliver some fresh bread to my friend who acts my personal bread critic.

There was a hard frost on the streets and rooftops. It remained here in the valley below Carrow Hill all day, even though there was a clear sky and bright sunshine. I pedalled over the castle hill and then up again to Chapelfield Gardens.

The frost was thick on the bandstand and benches. The massive London Plain tree that is pretty much central to the park, was frost free as was the grass around it. In full sun it looked as if it has absorbed any possible warmth from the sunbeams and radiated it back to the earth through its root system. The footprint of the tree was clear of ice even though grass in full sunshine further away from the base of the trunk was still crisp.

The day was not going to warm much above zero, so I retreated as soon as the delivery was completed.

The news has been grim today. Hospitals are full and cases of Covid-19 are over-whelming the staff. The government was dictating when schools would or would not be going to re-open after this holiday period. Again there is little evidence that this government uses any evidence, or engages in any meaningful discussion with the teachers, or medical professionals when devising each day’s new policy.

Worse than clueless, their incompetence is costing lives. Another 964 people died on New Year’s Eve in the UK within 28 days of being diagnosed with the Coronavirus. In the UK there were over 55,000 new cases announced on 31st December, 2020. Australia with a population of about 25 million people had 3 new cases in New South Wales and ZERO in Victoria. Now they shut the borders between the respective states, causing chaos, but you know what? saving lives. UK Covid-19 deaths now total 73,512. SEVENTY THREE THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED AND TWELVE.

Having had the good vaccination news on Wednesday, the government has simply confused everybody by again changing their guidance on how and who will get the vaccines. General Practitioners are up in arms about the resulting confusion. I can understand why some nations have occasionally welcomed a military coup when being dismantled by an incompetent and corrupt government. Not that I would advocate any such thing, but praying isn’t doing any good and first past the post has encumbered the nation with an elected dictatorship on just 45% of the popular vote.

The Great Clown remains infirmly at the helm of a nation that is doing a fine impression of another world beating British engineered tragedy, RMS Titanic.

Happy New Year. Missing EU already, by the way.


CLP 01/01/2021