Tier 4 (Day 10): The Kitchen / Diner

This, the tenth day of Christmas is closed with an announcement that might have been made at least 10 days previously given the available evidence then, but for now National Lockdown 3 starts at in one minute.

Does knowing something is coming make it any easier to deal with? I hoped that the Great Clown would have read the runes a bit quicker this time. How many chances is he going to be given to act promptly?

p.s. I have just found out that Heathrow airport is still open to visitors and leavers without any testing, track and trace, nor isolation programme in place. I will say it again…one of the advantages of being an island is you can close the ports. Australia and New Zealand being good examples of how to address the logistics of this procedure. Did not Johnson recently employ a former Australian Prime Minister on an advisory basis for something?

When does stupid become a criminal offence?


CLP 04/01/2020

Published by

Christopher Perry

Liberté, Equalité, Humanité

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