Lockdown 3 (Day 2): CNN

Whatever is going on Washington DC politically, there is nothing worse than the pandemic and the lost lives brought about by the incompetence and failings of government in the UK and USA.

If the people wandering around the Capitol in Washington DC in their MAGA caps and waving Confederate flags had been football hooligans they would have been cleared out of the area with tear gas, batons and riot shields.

Look at these pathetic, deluded people playing at revolutionaries. The media are talking about “attempted coup”, “sedition” and “insurrection” – it is mass hysteria. I cannot imagine that the USA will be brought down by this.

These people are an embarrassment to the USA and are being played by the gangster Trump. Time to get a grip on the “unstable” President. If you want any more of this nonsense please go and have a look on Twitter.

Please, don’t let it distract you from managing your relationship with Covid-19.


CLP 06/01/2021