Lockdown 3 (Day 3): The Internet

Informationoverloadrunningthroughmyhead. A sense of imploding reality, but thank you to friends and family for keeping in touch with me and each other. The electronic world merges into dreams. It is a time of vivid memories and developing fears. When you live in your own bubble how do you know when you are talking to yourself, or just thinking aloud, or that your internal voice is just crashing around in your head?

Music, music, music and more music is very important to me, but so is the silence when an album finishes and some quiet time exists. Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Taylor Swift, John Lee Hooker, Tame Impala and Pond today – in case you were wondering.

There has been less traffic around these past couple of days, although the police use the road outside as a cut through, zipping by at speed, often siren as well as blue lights flashing.

Yesterday I heard goldfinches singing and stopped to watch a pair of them flitting around the branches of a silver birch. Today I heard a crow from the woods on Carrow Hill. Nature is otherwise in hiding.

Freezing temperatures and possibly snow tomorrow. I have cancelled my plans to cycle. I am working towards a deadline.


CLP 07/01/2021