Arrivals to UK will need to show a negative Covid test before entry

New control will apply in England from next week, with devolved nations expected to follow suit.

This has just appeared on The Guardian website. It is 01:00 hrs GMT on 8th January 2021. The CEO of Heathrow airport is reported to have said that he has been asking for this kind of back-up from Johnson’s government SINCE APRIL 2020, just EIGHT MONTHS AGO.

Note the “from next week”. Eton School does not reopen for business until next week, “Boys return 12th January” It will be the same for most private schools. The new regulations at ports and airports will kick in after all the toffs get back from their Christmas outings.

State schools, the public’s schools were open for all on 4th January 2021 and then closed to all but vulnerable children and key workers, although with a wider definition of these groups, the next day.

The Great Clown looks after his mates again at the cost of the nation’s health.


CLP 08/01/2020