Lockdown 3 (Day 5): In Sunshine

Two gulls chase a third that must have some food they want to make it drop. They wheel and swoop up above the bare trees on the ridge that runs along the top of the river valley. I hear the two tone call of great tits that go with days lit by full Sun.

I am worried that I am eating more calories than I am using up at the moment. The cold weather encourages eating, but sitting at a desk writing, or laid out on a sofa reading is hardly energetic. I decide to take a long walk. I have an excuse to drop off a set of bicycle lights I borrowed last week and to do that on foot will mean at least a six mile round trip. My work will have to wait. For now the exercise is more important.

An FA Cup match is being played at Carrow Road and apart from TV production trucks in the car park, the echo of players’ shouts and an occasional whistle, the loudspeaker announcing substitutions, it could be just a park game rather than two professional teams.

The river bank walk was quite busy, but most people were respectful of keeping at distance and pausing for others to pass at bottle-necks.

People talking, people talking as they’re walking, children playing in the park, hedge sparrows squabbling, a goose honking from the brick balcony of riverside flats, the singing of goldfinches in the naked tree, the alarm call of a blackbird, a gull’s cry, an ambulance siren as it squeezes through the traffic against a red traffic light, the roar of a boy-racer car engine accelerating up the main road and people talking as they are walking.

I see snow drops for the first time this year. This is not their lateness to flower, but my reluctance to walk far these past few days. Daffodils are filling and preparing to burst into flower on the river bank.

Again the temperature close to freezing, but there is no breeze, so by setting a brisk pace one can get warm and stay warm. At one point I felt the sun on my back, even through the four layers. Being able to sense that heat causes me to pause just for a moment to let it sink in. I must have smiled at it too.


CLP 09/01/2021