Lockdown 3 (Day 6): Great Hill

Midnight approaches and I have finally run out of steam.

Today I completed roughly the same route that I had followed yesterday for my exercise, but this time on my bike rather than on foot. The converted railway track, Marriott Way, was beginning to get busy when I made my way carefully along it back toward the city.

I recognised one of the walkers from yesterday. He was again doing a long clockwise circuit. Today he was walking with a woman. He is easily recognisable as he looks like one of the Gaulish tribe that live with Asterix and Obelix. Moustachioed, hair approaching shoulder length, parted centrally and a comfortably lived in body shape. Yesterday, when we passed the second time on our respective walks, we nodded in recognition of each other having exchanged a ‘good afternoon’ or something similar at the first passing on the main road. Today, I would have been harder to recognise given my mode of transport and I was travelling much faster.

Great Hill is a long climb on a bike with a single fixed gear. I avoided the bike lane alongside the footpath given the lack of traffic and used the bus lane, which is a lesser, but longer incline. I felt great when I got over the brow and made my way to Harry’s for a cup of tea and a bacon roll from the take out window.

The boss has decided to close the café from today as they have staff with school-age children who need to be home-educated now the schools are shut. The infection rates are also running high locally, so it seems prudent to close for the duration.

I tried to ignore national news media today, for the second day running, but by the end of the evening I gave in and had a peek. I avoid any articles that have the cheap headlines that end as “…this is how” as a way to bait clicks.

I did find one article of interest which I have linked here: Why it’s time to stop pursing happiness. A click-bait worthy headline I admit, but a long and interesting read promoting a psychologist’s new book.

My view is that happiness is derived from doing worthwhile things, whatever they are for you or me. I think doing things that are satisfying in themselves will bring happiness in various guises. Happiness will turn up when it’s ready.

Now another day is done and all I can hear is the ticking of the clock and the owls calling to each other across the road up in the woods on Carrow Hill.


CLP 10/01/2021