Lockdown 3 (Day 11) Norwich

The police at work. A flat on the local estate has sheets and towels hanging from the kitchen window blocking any sight of the interior. It has been a council flat where the children run about on the exterior landing, drawing on the stairwells with coloured chalk, leave their scooters and bicycles outside the front door.

At that door four police officers have turned up to find out what the situation is inside. An old man is watching and the female policer explains to him that they are going to look inside and, if all clear, hand it back to the city council to put back in order. “You can be a witness, if you want.” she offers the old boy, whose face mask hangs on his top lip, leaving his nostrils exposed to the air. He is keen to see how things develop.

It is a little concerning that the scooters and a child’s bicycle are still on the landing outside the door. I squeeze by and hope the family have moved on somewhere safe. They may have been caught by the sudden imposition of Lockdown 3 and possibly be stuck somewhere else.

The covering of the window from the inside seems to have been carefully done. I suspect the police are a little concerned. A neighbour says that he hasn’t seen anyone there for ages. When did I last see activity there? Possibly Christmas Day? My photo is from 28th December.


CLP 15/01/2021