On Playing ii

Saturday at three

is when the fun really starts

Oh, yes! And the pain


n.b. A lifetime of training my body to endure watching Pompey all over England means my adrenalin and endorphins peak around 3pm on winter Saturday afternoons…what happens from there is a game.

I used to play a bit too, not at that level though.

Realising the ambiguity of the last sentence, I clarify, that I played far below the Pompey level, (although my grandma could have scored some goals that Pompey players sometimes fail to score, obviously).


CLP 16/01/2021


  1. Mine kicked off at 12.30pm today.
    Still not quite over it yet 😢🐺🖤

    1. …but making the next win even more delicious!

      1. Here’s hoping!!! 🤞🤞🖤

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