Lockdown 3 (Day 15) Over My Head

Is it Tuesday? These days, particularly with Sunday opening of (essential) shops (and take-aways), are all the same. The difference in days is marked by what weather bowls in.

Today a warm and blowy start, cloud thickening and eventually rain. Storm Christoph, compressing all before it, is rushing in off the Atlantic tonight. Lancashire and Yorkshire to the north west of Norfolk are preparing for a deluge. In some towns sandbags are already being laid down to mitigate the expected flood damage.

In Norwich, there is a growing understanding that Tuesday is the day the USAF / RAF run practice flights over the city. As I noted in Lockdown 1, Tuesday was the day when this happened over the salt marshes and bird reserves of the North Norfolk coast, but they have followed me inland, it seems.

A war memorial for all victims of war

The nosiest manoeuvre is when the jet fighters (or are they bombers) make sharp turns. It is surprising that they choose to do so over a city of over 100,000 people, but as there are no commercial passenger flights currently, the military go where they wish. This attention seeking behaviour is all I would expect from boys with toys burning fossil fuels for fun.

In my photo you can see that the local pigeons have been disturbed by the screaming jet engines. You should be able to see the speck of at least one of the aircraft just left of centre in the picture too.

Other than this distraction, I was able to appreciate the facist looking design work that decorates the balcony over the City Treasurer’s office door, as well as taking a closer look at the stone carvings of grape picking women, classically sculpted on the nearby stone base of an ornate municipal light.

The balcony would be ideal for an appearance by a gilded military dictator wishing to shower false hope and promises on the gathered masses congregated below in the broad street. For now we have to do with the false promises and hope of our aristocratic betters, led by The Great Clown, operating out of Downing Street, delivered with requisite civility, of course.

1,610 Covid-19 deaths reported today.

Vaccinations are out there, but not yet for the police officers who have to do society’s dirty work in ways many of us may not fully appreciate.

Pigeons. That’s your lot for wildlife today.


CLP 19/01/2021