Lockdown 3 (Day 21) Daylight

There was very little daylight today, but it has been milder and what light there has been has lasted a little longer than previous days. Today the Sun is up from 07:46h to 16:30h, tomorrow it be from 07:44h to 16:33h a net gain of five minutes.

This morning I heard a wider variety of birdsong than I have heard for a while. It reminded me of waking each snowy day near the Jura when on a trip there in 2018. That weekend there was a wall of song rolling down from the mountain sides as dawn broke. I was briefly transported back there this morning.

I need to swot up on birdsongs. It was not just blackbirds, pigeons, crows and blue tits. The orchestra is reforming.

CLP 26/01/2021


  1. JMAC on the other hand… Legendary 👍🖤

    1. See… Still can’t get it right!! 🤣🖤

      1. …and Primal Scream?

      2. Oh absolutely! I actually met Bobby Gillespie once – many moons ago. He probably remembers even less of that encounter than I do! 😉🖤

      3. Oh, I very much doubt he’s forgotten!! 😊

      4. Most folks don’t seem to! 😉🖤

  2. Put me in mind to listen to ‘The Birds’ by Elbow reading this.
    Thank you my friend 👍🖤

      1. Ach, I dunno. They’ve got a few good tunes for me…
        Plus I reckon Guy Garvey would be a joy to have a pint with down the pub 😁🖤

      2. Music is very personal 😊💃🏻🕺

      3. One of the most personal choices there is 👍🖤

      4. I have been enjoying iPod shuffle today. Why do i love JAMC so much?

      5. I’m blaming the fact I’ve had a long day at work so read that as JMAC…

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