L3: Day 29 On The Bridge

I was walking back from the shop, carrying a paper bag of groceries in my arms when I reached the bridge. I have been here before, but not like this. There has usually been some kind of run up, run out, or just gradually being run down. Not this time. I just thought, from nowhere really, “I could just step over the barrier.”

I surprised myself at the sudden appearance of the idea. I recognised this as ideation and important to acknowledge. I need to speak to someone. Then it came on me again, echoed in my limbs, was more familiar, less frightening. I thought of my sons and grandchildren, my family.

I walked back to my apartment. Unpacked my groceries. Went to an online business meeting. Afterwards I made a phone call and asked if the kettle was on. It was, of course. The kettle is always on somewhere.


CLP 03/02/2021


  1. Interestingly enough I have a couple of posts scheduled for tomorrow on a very similar experience.

    Hope the cuppa was healing my friend 🖤🖤

    1. I will look for them. It was a sneak attack. Really weird. The tea and company was the key. I did not speak of it, as It was important to just think about what had occurred, but it was good to sit down somewhere else and talk about anything but for a few moments. Thank you. 🙏

      1. Sneak attacks are the worst.
        Very unsettling.
        Sounds like you did the right thing to help get past it today though

      2. …and then I made bread. You sometimes have to take the rise out of life to get by.

      3. It’s the yeast we can do 😉🖤

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