Going Viral (Updated)

I first posted the following senyrū on 25th January, 2020.


Aircraft travel fast

Take us far off, bring us home

With our souvenirs


n.b. A research report published today has provided clear evidence that the reason Covid-19 coronavirus spread so quickly from China and its neighbours to become a global pandemic was due to the unfettered movement of international airline passengers.

Today, in the UK, where the total of Covid-19 attributed deaths of people is now over 110,250, quarantine arrangements for arriving airline passengers have at last been finalised. It is 4th February, 2021 – more than a year after the first person in England died from the coronavirus. That was on 20th January, 2020. Inbound travellers from 33 “Red List” destinations will have to go through hotel-based quarantine starting from 15th February.

The report from Aberdeen University is not a great surprise to anyone with an understanding of how interconnected the world is, but it may come as a surprise to the Great Clown and his merry band in Downing Street.

Read the full details of the research featured on The Guardian website here: https://www.abdn.ac.uk/news/14653/

CLP 25/01/2020

Date Going Viral was first posted: 25th January, 2021

Amended, 4th February 2021