L3 (Day 47.5): Norwich

I was shocked and somewhat disappointed to learn that my neighbour, in the apartment below, has only had his heating on for a total of two days this whole and quite cold winter! How selfish can you get? No wonder it’s been chilly up here. I was relying on the tight-fisted so-and-so to keep me warm and save me some money.


CLP 22/02/2021


  1. Still rankles that I was foolish enough to buy an end house for this very reason 😉🖤

    1. Ah, but think of the views! And west end of terrace, or east end of terrace? I am happy to rent tbh.

      1. East end – and right on the North Sea too…
        Probably would have been better off renting! 😉🖤

      2. The joy of sunrise and no need to own a deep freezer, a bargain!

      3. Haha definitely! 😁🖤

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