On Light

impressive structure

floodlights stand proud of stadium

still waiting on green


n.b. Television can never replace the real deal. Plan to be there or expect to be square (eyed)…whenever being there, or anywhere is allowed.


CLP 09/04/2021


  1. Oh I don’t know…

    Without a crowdless stadium we’d never have picked up Rob Holding’s classic ‘How’s he gone down like that … He’s built like a brick sh*thouse’ plea to the ref about Adama Traore…

    Nothing like being there in person, but it did make me chuckle that one… 🤣😉🖤

    1. Now that is quality bants! Excellent. That’s made me chuckle. Thank you YLC.

      1. You’re welcome my friend – it’s a great wee clip should you ever come across it 😁🖤

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