On Ranting

When you’ve quite finished

look at this beautiful day

birds and bees, flowers


n.b. NaPoWriMo 2021 Day Nineteen prompt: a rant.

Meanwhile here, a million miles away, it is spring. For that I am truly grateful. 😎


CLP 19/04/2021


  1. The bee is great 😊🖤

    1. Thank you. I am not sure I got the knees right though! 🙄

      1. You’ll always be the bees knees to me my friend 😉👍🖤

  2. Excellent. 🙂 I wish I were more like you and this page.

    1. Your wish may be answered….you get to choose!

      1. Yes, but now I wrote my rant already…

    2. It took me years to be like me, I am sure the you that you become will be the best version of you that you want to be. Thank you for your comment. Really great to hear from you!

      1. You are someone who chose to respond to the rant prompt in this way, with a drawing and spring thoughts. 🙂 For now this is the only thing I know and it’s quite telling.

      2. That’s more than enough for anyone to know 🙏

  3. hornbymark says:

    I agree, couldn’t bring myself to rant today…

    1. Yes, after the Orange One, it is nice to have a rest from ranting and ranters!

    1. Thank you. Trying to capture the mood of the day!

      1. Gloria says:

        I honour this gratitude versus ranting. Thank you for uplifting!

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