4’33” (after John Cage)

To be read in your head only. Understood? Now 1/2/3/4 begin.






…I thank you. Encore? No, it is too much! I am exhausted from the effort of this composition. It is too much. I must rest. Thank you.

I will release this on SoundCloud as soon as copyright issues are clarified. Thank you.


n.b. NaPoWriMo 2021 Day Twenty-six prompt: parody. I have chosen John Cage’s classical piece 4’33”. Please remember to press the “Unmute” button in YouTube when you follow the link.


CLP 26/04/2021


  1. Love it 😁🖤

    1. Not a fan of that kind of prompt…in fact not a fan of any prompts. Poets are not performing sea lions. Too much else to write about imo.

      1. I wholeheartedly agree.
        I tried to write to a prompt once. It. didn’t go well. I’m just not that kind of writer… 👍🖤

      2. It is the start of a slippery slope: first someone gives you a prompt, you respond; next you look up and see a solitary cloud, you write a poem; then a host of flowers, yellow maybe, catch your eye and the next thing you know you think you’re William bloody Wordsworth. Be careful out there. 😊

      3. Haha! Indeed I shall 😁😉🖤

  2. Chado says:


    Vengeance on the Avant-vapid ☻

    1. Thank you. I think I may have played this card before, with different intro / outro, but maybe not. They all sound the same to me.

  3. Ron. says:

    OMG. Thanks a BUNCH; now I hafta get myself up off the floor.

    1. Hi Ron, We were asked to try and be funny…glad you rolled with it. It is one of my favourite tunes tbh!

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