On Water xxiv

temperature drops

wind picks up, swirls through reed beds

air tasting of rain


CLP 02/05/2021


  1. And to think – it’s May … 😕
    I feel your pain my friend – roll on summer! 👍🖤

  2. Kritika says:

    We experienced rain early in the morning today. Weather has changed a lot.

    1. Good morning, Kritika. of rain and cold winds were the dominant features of weather here, now the humidity increases as we move toward summer and intense rain showers, frequently falling as hail. Its cool rather than cold now. I just want to feel warm…

      1. Kritika says:

        Hopefully the summers will bring the warmth but humidity is hateful. I detest it. Wish we could change the weather according to us. 😀
        Good Noon from India. Happy Day!

      2. Happy days, always! Weather is only what we live in. 🙏

      3. Kritika says:

        True. 🙂

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