On Dreams xvii

Was that erotic

movie collected highlights

or wistful thinking?


CLP 22/05/2021


  1. Amazing!! Is that a placemat? 😁🖤

    1. Aye, aye. ’tis that, shipmate! I was struggling for an appropriate image to go with that dream tbh…

      1. Brilliant!! 😁
        I may well have to find these! 🖤

      2. Thanks! 😁
        Found the company that makes them – Port & Lemon. Don’t have the placemats but I got a coaster and a couple of other bits a pieces too!
        I’m well chuffed! 😁😁🖤

      3. Excellent. Happy to help

      4. You know how I love all things maritime! 😁😉🖤

      5. You might like my poem ‘Last Night in Largs’ then…unpublished atm

      6. I shall look forward to it! 👍🖤

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