Late June

early evening rain falling heavy on hot soil, tarmac, stone

evaporates fast, forms humid stock, soured by sweat

bubbles up in steaming cumuli that boil over

drive down dust, pollen and temperature

so that tonight we might sleep

unless it doesn’t and the thick soup simply simmers

as we pull covers off, ache for breathe, pull covers on

attempt to seduce sleep with scent

dowse it with floods of dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin

and still we’ll perspire with pulses pounding

hotter, damp, worse than before

praying for a storm to break

a storm that will wake us where we fell

after sleep caught us off guard

as we lay alert to the flight of a curious mosquito


CLP 24/06/2021


  1. Those last two lines are fantastic 👍🖤🖤

    1. Thank you so much! Poetry and closing lines…an area for discussion. How to land a poem is always a challenge…particularly when we write to daily deadlines! I am glad you liked them. 🙏

      1. For me it’s titles and last lines – they are often the hardest. The stuff in between comes much easier to me 👍🖤

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