The Magic Picture Tree

What do you see in the shape of this old oak tree

Shaped by lightening, prevailing winds, minerals and time?

I saw an opera singer, big as a house

Someone else a buried cross

What can you shape from this old oak tree?


CLP 25/05/2021


  1. I like your vision so much that I don’t wish to see anything other. 🙂

      1. Hahha! I have nothing. It’s clearly the opera singer!

  2. That’s funny – I thought I was the only one that saw animal / human shapes in trees! 👍😁🖤

    1. What about in clouds?

      1. Yeah, sometimes.
        I don’t tend to see faces – more outlines of shapes.
        The ones I particularly like are when I’m in a train and see trees in the distance – they look like dinosaurs roaming around to me! 😁🖤

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