On Hope vii

when will this sadness end?

she asked, because she knew it must

we both could feel the cold lump of it

in our stomachs, welding us together

when we are both happy?

I offered, to see how happy might sound

it sounded like a bowl of tears

a set of randomly selected letters

it reprised the call of an albatross

fatally wounded


CLP 22/07/2021


  1. This really is excellent my friend.
    Those last two lines are sublime.

    1. Albatross flavour? If you understand the reference… 😊

      1. I was thinking Monty Python? 😉🖤

      2. …not something completely different!

      3. I knew it! 😉🖤

      4. You don’t look old enough to know that!

      5. Haha! Looks can be deceiving! 😉

        No, I was given a book of the Monty Python scripts by one of my teachers when I was a teenager (back in the 90’s) and fell in love.
        Timeless humour 👍🖤

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