what a hoot

it's been reported that scientists
(those men and women
who observe, record, theorise and test)
that birds (perhaps owls)
who live by rivers of noise
(take the M62,
choke chain of The North)
have upped the volume of their calls
to make themselves heard
(when hailing the dawn, or calling up night
or impressing potential mates)

here a soon to be gone wood, a curtain
(about to be permanently drawn)
with its folds and creases
dampens the rush of the motorway
(the rubber on concrete, or asphalt, or tarmac,
whatever seals in the soil)
allows the Tawny Owl
(to wit a nocturnal creature)
some protection from aural abuse

last night I heard the Hill Hooter's cries
(and several just now)
as the first plane rose
(into the steel sky above Ringway)
while we (in our homes)
adapt equally well
to the white-noise of the road
(and roar of metal birds)
by turning up the sound
on wall-mounted TVs


CLP 24/10/2021