on evolution

cast of dinosaur
hallowed nave filled with children
church to museum


n.b. Good use of an otherwise underutilised public space.


CLP 30/10/2021


  1. I saw the skeleton of ‘Trix’ the T-Rex in Glasgow a couple of years ago.

    Terrifyingly awesome 🖤

    1. In the context of the cathedral, the impressive cast of the diplodocus was diminished in my eyes. A trick of perspective I think. Trix the Tyrannosaurus IS terrifying. That head, those teeth. 😳

      1. She was just glorious.
        Although I was quite happy to meet her 66 million years after her death! 😬🖤

      2. Would have been an interesting exchange. Your stiletto wit would have won the day no doubt!

      3. Oh I dunno… 😉🖤

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