on light

compared with the Sun
everything becomes grey-scale
without perspective


n.b. It has been a challenging few days, putting fingers to the keyboard as impossible as joining like poles of two magnets. The ‘must post’ became ‘can’t post’.

Now, a shift. Was it the sunlight? Was it the experience of movement in daytime? Was it enjoying catching up with distant friends during the Twelve Days of Christmas? Was it remembering no employer owns all my time? Was it a conversation? Was it spending an hour cleaning the bathroom (don’t ask)? Was it hearing the wren singing?

The shift is back ‘to ‘I post‘. Easy enough to say…


CLP 08/01/2022


  1. Good, you’re feeling the shift. 2022 is good, I find. Let it last.

    1. Good morning, Manja. 2022 is what we have, so let’s press on. Glad to know the year is good for you! 😊

  2. I’m glad 👍🖤

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