Absent Witch Constant Spell

within and without
about and above
on water in air
held by limbs of dark woods
spun out in high clouds
in setting sun and rising stars
broken moon on the lake
dancing through Alpine mist
sunk in thermal pools
strung out by pylons
with their infinite lines
caught in corners of rooms
by fine webs I'll be bound
while her butterfly wings no more can be found


n.b. Yes, it’s April again tomorrow and using prompts from those beautiful people at NaPoWriMo, welcome to the write a poem a day global challenge.

We have kicked off with an Emily Dickinson based prompt:

“The absence of the witch does not / Invalidate the spell”

n.n.b. Witches and their spells may be good or may be bad, but there’s always magic.

CLP 31/03/2022