on time

crossing road, stops, waits
leave, or carry it over?
hedgehog prickles sharp


n.b. It’s been some time since I have seen a hedgehog alive. Their natural defence is to stop, curl into a ball then hold still until the perceived threat passes. They have yet to work out that this doesn’t work when approached by motor vehicles.

This beauty stopped right in the middle of the street as I was passing last evening, so I lifted it with barehands and placed it behind a low wall on some grass on the side it was heading.

A few moments later three police vehicles rolled by very slowly and quietly. They turned left and pulled up to make a raid. The hedgehog would have had no chance against that convoy.


CLP 24/05/2022


  1. Awww ❤️🖤

    1. I have prickle marks at various points in my hands, but worth the pain.

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