on time

we met over music
talked about race, religion
his six years prison
one fifth of his life
incarcerated for what?
he has a temper


n.b. We talked at first about football, then of other tribal connections; churches, family, gangs. His is doing a lot of work the Black Panthers would applaud, my tribe just watches football. There are times some of we Britons don’t know we’re born.

I am not condoning lack of self-control. It is not easy, but is it ever a justifiable reason for poor behaviour? I don’t know. Until you are taught, how do you know?

This piece of graffiti on Poplar Avenue is from a member of the (Almighty) Vice Lords. A six point star would denote a message from the (Black) Disciple Gangsters. One group Muslim, the latter not.

CLP 01/10/2022