on music

never walk alone
with hope in your hearts
Iranian blues

n.b. Music-maker, Shervin Hajipour; poet, Mona Borzoi; footballer, Hossain Mahini; all arrested for voicing protest at the death in police custody of Mahsa Amini.

Mahsa had been arrested for failing to meet the strict dress code for women in Iran. She died three days after being taken from her family on their way to visit relatives in Tehran. She had been beaten on being taken into a police van, witnesses reported.

A song ‘Baraye’, released on social media comprising words from the voices crying out at this murder, is integral to the continuing protests. Change has got to come and music keeps the flame of hope alive.

You can hear it here. Every word has been taken from social media messages of protest beginning with “because…”


It’s worth under three minutes listening time. As of today’s date, 92 lives have been lost in the three weeks of protests.

CLP 04/10/2022


  1. Was proud to see a protest held just today in my hometown. I would have attended myself but currently isolating with Covid 🖤

    1. Protests are bubbling up every where in UK. Enough Is Enough!!

      1. I couldn’t agree more! 🖤

    2. Sorry to hear about the C-19. Hope you’re not suffering too much.

      1. Ach, it could be better it could be far worse. To be fair, I think I did pretty well to avoid it for so long so it was probably about my time 👍🖤

      2. I have a friend who is struggling with C-19, but now on the mend. It’s out there

      3. Wishing you a full recovery. 🙏

      4. Thank you. I’ve had four doses of the vaccine now (due to my job) so fingers crossed the symptoms won’t last. Hope the same goes for your friend 👍🖤

      5. They’re crossed. Yes, he’s getting better.

      6. Glad to hear it 👍🖤

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