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young people have lost
fear of authority's fist
new freedom riders


n.b. During my recent travels in the US I saw a statue of a woman sitting calmly. I saw the image repeatedly: in the Capitol in Washington DC; in Memphis TN; in Birmingham AL.

The woman was Rosa Parks. Her determined protest, to sit where she wanted to on a bus, regardless of the state law at that time that segregated people by skin coloration, fired up people tired of being oppressed, tired of being downtrodden. Her sitting down was a signal to others to stand up to inhuman authority.

In Iran, the people most oppressed by the theocracy, women, particularly young women, are tired of giving in too.

CLP 03/11/2022


    1. I was shocked that only one person had seen that post by evening. Not that it is particularly poetic, but because women change the world by thinking laterally, not brutally. Thank you for reading. 🙏

      1. Always reading my friend, always.
        And it’s a crying shame only one person had seen this post as, albeit not poetic perhaps, women’s rights (or lack thereof) across the world should be of concern to everyone. I thank you for trying to highlight that 🖤

      2. Rosa Parks set a standard through non-violent action. Quiet determination can win arguments.

      3. Absolutely right. And Rosa Parks is one among many women who have demonstrated this through the ages 🖤🖤

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