on colour

stop, arrest, charge, gaol
fact is, 'Inglan is a bitch'
fair's not fair enough


n.b. The Crown Prosecution Service has investigated its files and found white English people are less likely to be prosecuted than any other ethnic group facing similar police charges, i.e. same crime, different treatment.

The whole English legal system acts in joint enterprise to discriminate against non-white people, from initial police stop and searches, right through the legal system, including to the length of prison sentences dished out.

Note that this is one of the few monarchies left on the planet and the legal system is all Royal this and Royal that.

How will things truly be changed without a revolution, providing proportional representation in government, an elected second parliamentary second chamber, effective wealth taxes and land ownership reform?

Linton Kwasi Johnson was telling us how things are in the 1970s in his poetry, summing it up succinctly in the phrase I’ve quoted above, “Inglan is a bitch.”

CLP 09/02/2023