Lunch Poems

Madam, are you ready to order?
Something simple to start? Perhaps, a haiku?

No, thank you. I'll have the senryū.
That's not often chosen. Rare.

An excellent choice, madam. For the main?
Something from that epic list of Specials.

We have a delightful Shakespearean Sonnet!
I'll try one. Traditional, something to get my teeth into.

Would you like that in blank verse
Or with rhyming couplets?

Hmm. Rhyming couplets? A couple.
Oh, and with an entrendre, double

Ooh! Does Madame like things saucy!
Some greens too, a Limerick? Mais oui!

Something to drink? We have a Quatrain
I'd prefer Villanelle. I love it's complexity.

So sorry, the last bottle went last night.
Oh, ok. A Sestina will be alright.

Thank you, madame. Will that be all?
Thank you. Please add it to my epitaph

Merci, madame.


n.b. Here we go again. NaPoWriMo 2023. Today’s prompt, a book cover. Mine, Lunch Poems by Frank O’Hara, published in the Pocket Poets Series, Number 19.

CLP 01/04/2023


  1. Ron. says:

    So…you’ve visited my favorite cafe, eh? Well done!

    1. We all have one, but sadly, I never made it to Vermont.

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