‘We’ll laugh about this one day’ you said

As the first handful of soil smuttered on the lid

I looked at the other lads, all smart that day, in black coats

‘Unlikely’ I'd replied, ‘There’s nothing funny about it.’

Typically, it was sunny, belying the mood

Daffodils dancing happily in the onshore breeze

A few puffy clouds sliding past, against the azure

We turned back into town, found The Nelson

Stood in the backyard, Jim wanted a smoke

Dissecting the night that went so tragically wrong

People on the next table joked about our suits

Which is when our Phil finally snapped

‘You think it’s funny? We’ve just buried out mate.’

He said it was worth it, when he got out six months later


n.b. NaPoWriMo 2023, a surprising laugh. Tricky prompt, to be fair.

CLP 05/06/2023