Caps of Atlas

deafened by clattering hail storm

sheep up and run

seek the stone shelter

leaving the flowers

gulping fresh water


n.b. NaPoWriMo 2023. Take a poem, or fragment that was written in a tongue unfamiliar to the reader and write an original poem in English based on the sounds and rhythms of the original language.

Here is the original, a short piece of 'Bloodhoof' by Gerdur Kristny of Iceland, that was published by Arc in 2012, with accompanying translation to English by Rory McTurk.

This publication is full of beautiful poetry. The fragment I have taken is found on p67.

Ég kafadi

undir kletterætur

skausr upp úr


gekk yfir

járnfrosna jökla


CLP 06/04/2023