Passing Conversation at the Service Station, Folkestone, Kent, October 2019

They’d not seen each other for simply ages

It used to be regular, when they’d got their wages

Off for an evening, best clobber on

Leaving at home Bert, Harry and Ron

(except, that Ron’s been long since gone)

You still doing those dating sites?

Asked Sheila, needing to adjust her tights

Yes. replied her friend with a weary sigh

Knowing they were bound to ask, after a while

Remember, I said, when you first gave it a try

It’s about quality not quantity. That was my advice.

That’s if you don’t want to be left up on the shelf.

Well, I think, at last, I worked that out for myself.

Oh! That’s such good news! Is that the truth?

No, not really.
Owned up, disillusioned Ruth.


n.b. Napawrimo 2023. Day 11 Prompt: an overheard funny.

Honestly, what you hear when travelling. I nearly stepped in and said, “I’m free. Would you like to join me for supper?”

Then I thought better of it, I had just had a very late lunch.

Names have been changed to protect the anonymity of the protagonists, as well as to fit the loose rhyme scheme.

CLP 11/04/2023

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