Aladdin Sane

The cover artwork, white
Feather cut, blue and red
Lightning flash across
Bowie's downcast eyes
Bared shoulders and torso
'He suffers from androgyny'
Mother cautioned me

I had borrowed the album
From Paul, who four years later
Became more extrovert, quite camp
After his trip to Paris
Where he sought a man
To offer up his virginity
While I played 'Time' ashamedly


n.b. NaPoWriMo 2023. Day 19, cautionary tales.

Great prompt today. Absolute car crash of implications for everyone. Mine relates to half-truths, blind-siding and Catholic silence leading to confusion and ignorance around matters sexual.

As John Cleese once said, shaking his fist at the clouds, “Thank you, God! Thank you, very much!”

Link to Bowie‘s Aladdin Sane image.

CLP 19/04/2023


  1. Brilliant 🖤

    1. Thank you, YLC. I always enjoy your visits. Maybe some of the YLC magic has worked itself into my writing over the years. Good to hear from you. 😊

      1. I reckon it has my friend 😉
        Always love my little visits to your corner of the world too 😊🖤

  2. Great poem, great album, great artist. The rest is rubbish.

    1. I was thinking of the music industry. There’s David Bowie and the rest. I don’t rate any of what’s around today, but that’s just me.

      1. There seems to be a post-lockdown generation of great talent in all genres, but not many supported in anyway by ‘The Biz’. Live music is thriving in small venues that make up the ridiculously creative scene coming out of Norwich. Many of these young musicians acknowledge influence of db.

      2. I can believe that, and probably generating much more interesting music and art than the stuff that will be successful. I remember when there was an ‘alternative’ music scene championed by people like John Peel and Anne Nightingale. ‘Pop’ had very little street cred. Seems so far away now.

      3. Peel and Nightingale would be raving about Norwich. No longer a comedy destination. The musicians here span the generations and it is possible to be overwhelmed with options most nights!

      4. Isn’t Norwich Alan Partridge? The BBC used to be so old boys’ network that there was bound to be an underground scene. Now it seems to be just trashy like everything else. Live music is where the innovation is.

    2. Thank you for your comment btw. Always appreciate your thoughts 🙏

      1. I’m sorry not to get around to visiting all the good blogs I follow. WP has done a reset and all the oldies but goldies are off my radar now. Can’t leave likes when I do find them.

      2. I have transferred all to the Jetpack app. This seems fine. Worth investigating.

      3. Could be why WP is being such a bugger. I’ll add it if it’s free. I already do my bit in providing advertising revenue.

      4. I’ll add it then, thanks.

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