on time

carving into stone
requires concentration
accurate spelling


n.b. Nottinghamshire County Gaol was opened in 1449. At some later point, this doorway was set into the building. If you look closely at the word ‘GAOL’ you will see the A was originally carved as an O, before the A was chiselled out in the right place.

The gaol was also known as a house of correction. Presumably the correctional programme included spelling. Luckily the O was corrected to A before the mason had reached his goal.

I wonder how the discussion about the bill for the mason’s work went.

According to the website https://www.prisonhistory.org/prison/nottingham-county-gaol/ gaol was closed in 1878.

CLP 02/05/2023


  1. Thank you for this door of correction. I wonder if you noticed the pingback under your Day 30 poem. It leads to another of my centos. I hope you approve.

    1. I’m not entirely sure. It’s late. April is a long way behind us. I’ll investigate. As always, lovely to hear from you x

    2. I approve. Thank you 🙏

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