Clouds of oily birds

Floated down from the pine clump

Shadowed the low field


Cows and calves bemused

At pasture blackened with crows

Jackdaws and bleak rooks


Settled frozen still

Hundreds came and stood alert

For movement of soil


The gloomy flock stirred

Disturbed by wind-blown phantom

Hung on breaths of wind


Returned as a shroud

For emergent May Bug grubs

From rain-soaked soil


CLP 04/07/2020

Fractionally Better Off

I am not nothing

I am one eighth that became a seventh

I am one sixth and one quarter of two thirds

I am one half that begat a quarter, then grew to an eighth

I am one seventeen-thousand-eight-hundred-and-fourth1

I am one sixty-six-million-eight-hundred-and-ninety-thousandth2

I am one five-hundred-and-eight-millionth3

I am one seven-point-eight-billionth4

I am one with you



1 Portsmouth FC average home attendance 2019/20 season

UK population 66.886 million (2020 estimate) 

EU total population was estimated in 2015 as 508 million

4 Estimated global population in March was 2020 7.8 billion


CLP  07/07/2020