Empty Vessels

These screaming fighter jets

Ripping through Norfolk’s skies

Tearing up clouds

Dampen the shush of the sea

Throw weighted blankets over shuffling leaves

Silence the brushes of barley

Suppress the moans of damp Westerly blows

So all I can hear are fingernails scraping

Out the chamber walls of my heart


CLP 29/06/2020



The evening the supermarket burnt down

Four miles away in the town up the road

Its smoke funnelled out to the coast

Streamed high across the marsh

Curled beneath a front pushing from the west

Where the lofty plume lost height over the cool sea

Shadowed the sunset and emerging night

Carrying smells of charcoaled meat offshore

To be minced by the churning turbine blades

Of the wind farm on the shoals


CLP 28/06/2020

Summer Days

Have you seen the dragonfly?

Flitting back and forth, to and fro

Big-eyed bug, moves in straight lines

Side to side, back to front

Moves too fast to ever know

What he sees and what he feels

Slow down dragonfly

Come and sit with me


Have you seen the butterfly?

Fluttering from flower to bud

Beautiful creature flitting with the breeze

Here and there and here again

Never still enough to ever know

What she sees and what she feels

Slow down butterfly

Come and sit with me


CLP 27th June, 2020