Speak now or forever hold your peace blues II

This planet is obese

Complacent in our ways

Mankind’s behaviour

Brings on end of days


No moonlight now

Just artificial light

No space free

Of engined flight


Seas choking on floating

plastic waste

What do we sense?

What’s pure taste?


Perpetual growing

Air con, heating

No sign of slowing

Glaciers retreating


With this hot hot gas

Its unsurprising

Rivers run dry

Oceans keep rising


What’s been done’s done

We’re where we’re at

Time to stop expanding

Stop the world getting fat


Stop! Look around

Make the connection

Time to slow down

Time for less action


Open our mouths

Chorus together

This planet is dying

Not under the weather.



CLP 01/10/2018


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On Autumn III


Moon throws down silver

Dancing trees undress to please

Naked for Winter.


CLP  26/09/2018

To Daybreak

Sun breaches horizon

Penetrating darkest corners

Minds open to light.

CLP. 19/09/2018

On Lincoln

Bells hung high resound

Steps echo on Steep Hill stone

Hearts near fit to burst.

CLP 18/09/18

On Morning

Day breaks open hearts

Light falling on night’s victims

Dreams are lost to sleep.

CLP 17/09/2018

On Daybreak

First glints in grey sky

Unveil frosted roof and pane

Darkness concedes dawn

CLP 10/09/2018

On Autumn

Dry leaves falling

Silently on sunlit church

Tears cleanse the path home.

CLP 08/09/2018

Originally posted on: https://vitabrevisliterature.com/2018/09/07/open-comment-a-haiku-poetry-competition-submit-your-poem/

On Autumn II

Dry linden leaves fall

Silently on sunlit church

Tears cleanse the path home.


In memory of IGB (1949 – 2018)

CLP 08/09/2018

Also published in a slightly different version on https://vitabrevisliterature.com