On Alcohol

Photo of Max copyright Tracy Perry

Don’t tell me I’m wrong

When I say “No more, thank you”

I want tomorrow


n.b. Waking up feeling muzzy, a nasty taste in the mouth, dehydrated with headache and a bit grumpy from a broken night’s sleep is rubbish.

Give me a gentle sleep that carries me to sunrise, the beauty of a new day and all its possibilities.

I am learning the power of “No” to be able to say “Yes!”

With eternal thanks to BTW.


CLP 07/02/2020

La Vauchère

Wild torrent rushes

Knocks rocks, pulls roots, tears at earth

Furious outpour


n.b. The gully formed by this stream echoes to the tumbling tumult of its headlong rush towards Lac Léman. The early morning aircraft rising to cruising height cannot drown out the constant swoosh of la Vauchère filling the air.

Yesterday’s snow showers, their cool flakes wet and heavy, will have done nothing to assuage the angry stream pouring from the heart of Pully.


CLP 05/02/2020

On Second Thoughts

Too often tempted

To speak without thinking

Two breaths save me


n.b. A lid to a pottery cremation urn found near North Elmham, “Spong Man” sits reflecting on a life long since lived. This piece of funerary art is dated from the early Saxon era, (3rd / 5th Century CE).

The image I have used of this ageless pose is available under the terms of a GNU Free Documentation license published by the Free Software Foundation.


CLP 15/09/2019