May Bug (Cockchafer)

I wrote about these slow flying, heavy beetles a few days ago.

This evening, I was putting clean sheets on the bed when the deep buzzing of a May Bug caught my attention. I quickly cupped it into a jar, as shown, before taking it out to the back garden for release by the goat’s willow.

The photograph is the view from the tail. It shows the egg laying protuberance of a female.

On the head the two feathered antennae, like grotesque false eye-lashes, are visible.

With wings folded the Cockchafer is the size of a man’s thumb; with wings buzzing, it looks like a blurred flying ball. I will sleep more easily without this specimen crawling around my bed.


n.b. Also known as Doodle Bugs, or Rookworms.

Christopher Perry

17th May, 2020

Rhyme or Reason

All this washing!

All colours faded

Magic thinned

Sweet spells spun out

Dark potions dried

All wrung tight

Hung out in rain

Concoctions separate

Mystery now plain

All once known

Must be re-found again

. day 3 rhyme…random words…sense from chaos.

CLP 03/04/2020

On the Weekend (XII)

And that’s it over

Moon climbs majestically

Announces “Bedtime”


n.b. The storm clouds blown away leave the sky for a full Moon, too bright to photograph. I apologise for the poor quality of the picture.

I only went out for the Sports Mail today. I must get out tomorrow.


CLP 09/02/2020