City Dawn

A sparrow tweet gathers simple rejoinders from its own kind skulking in shrubs and hedges

Their cheery notes provoke immediate responses

Clamouring herring gulls stretched tall on chimney pots

Throw out echoing, stuttering, staccato cries

Over the street with pink-tipped cherry trees

Rooted between rain-stained pavement slabs

Skipping between the much-welcomed buds, a blackbird flutters to a halt

Opens up his throat and warbles

A rusty crow, unashamedly adds flat notes in chorus

Challenges goldfinches to alight the cables strung across the road

A red-faced, yellow-flecked, flittering pair

Who add lilts and melody to the fresh morning air


CLP 14/03/2020


Light spreads into the night

First movement

Swooping from the highest crown

Black shiny crow

Floats nonchalantly to ground

Stretches wings

Lands with a bounce

Moves into a walk

Tilts its head to have look

Arrogant creature

Taint of the dark

What’s there to eat

In Milton Park?


n.b. Mornings are noticeably getter lighter now, but the weather is too cool for sparrows, or blackbirds to announce the dawn. The first bird call this morning was a three-part drawn out caw of a crow. A bird happy to move in the early light of day before shadows form.

Crows are jostling for nesting positions in tree tops now. Despite the incoming series of storms that disrupt their building, crows are busy collecting twigs to weave nests before tree foliage arrives. Fascinating.


CLP 13/02/2020